Spring Wedding - Choosing Your Colour Scheme

It may come as no surprise to most of you as I've been harping on endlessly about this over the past couple of weeks, but Jonny and I are getting married! Now the Hen Party has been and gone the reality of our May wedding is fast approaching - eek! 

I've had some sweet DM's over on Instagram  from you guys wanting to know more about our venue, location, decor, catering, dress, flowers etc, so i've decided to do a series of posts on all of the above with hopefully a few money saving tips and tricks to help you with your own wedding plans along the way. Babe, this is a barn wedding on a budget and if we can do it, you certainly can too!

But first of all, lets nail the basics, lets talk colour schemes (having a little laurence llewelyn bowen moment over here)... 


It's easy to get carried away on Pinterest, looking at wedding decor and stunning bridal shoots. But this is YOUR party, step away from Rock My Wedding for just one moment (I know it's difficult), you need to start from scratch, what's your 'theme'? Once you've worked out a simple colour palette to work from then your well on your way to pulling your vision together. 

For us, we opted for bright, cheerful tones, we choose some of our favourite colours which make us happy, reflect our personality and have tried not to be held back by what other folk are doing on their big day, which has really helped us with making quicker decisions throughout the whole process so far. 

Our wedding bash is in a big, striped back, country barn - we needed a palette that would really make the space come to life and contrast the rustic wooden walls. Shades of peach, orange, yellow and pink have been the core reference when designing our invites, making the decorations and even table settings. The key is now how we'll balance the use of this scheme so it's not 'overkill', which is easily done when you're a pastel loving fiend like myself. 

Whilst green isn't in our core palette it is a vital colour in our floral plans. Large bunches of green foliage will be used to fill milk churns, jars and be laid around table displays to tone down and contrast even the most vibrant peach displays. 

So before you hit fast forward remember these three words - colour, personality, contrast

Hattie x