Shop Tour #1

It's Friday and the day started with downpour of summer rain (what's new?) but as the morning progressed the shop was lifted with some beautiful unexpected sunshine so I took the opportunity whilst the shop was lit from head to toe to take you on a little tour of what's currently available here at MH...

Last week we had a new delivery of beautiful ceramics from our London based pal Laura Bird. Thanks to Kay covering in the shop yesterday I managed to get some time at our home studio to shoot her new products which are now available to purchase online too here. Laura's work looks so sweet sat on our shelves in and amongst our books and candles, i'm surprised i've not wangled one of those black & white flower pots in my bag for myself yet (it's only a matter of time). There are still a few face planters which need their moment of glory on the web shop, but for now drop me a line if you see something you like or visit our Skipton store to see in the flesh for yourself. 

We've just had a fresh delivery of illustrated cards produced over in California which are now on our shelves, with designs from a variety of brilliantly talented artists, all of which have got me motivated to create a few designs in-house in the run up to Christmas (time and confidence permitting).

Our lovely antique terracotta pots which I salvaged from a recent thrifting mission up in Ripon are  now looking the part planted up with succulents. These pots are expected to be as old as 50 years, 50 whole years, fascinating that they've stood the test of time from home to home, potting shed to greenhouse, and still not even a crack?! I salute your journey Mr Pot. 


Everybody is enjoying our women's clothing offering right now which has given me a great boost to go a little mad on our A/W offering which has now been part ordered in prep of hitting our rails late September. My wardrobe is also now significantly fuller...oh well, I keep telling myself you don't have anything like that, you've got that dinner to go to etc, but once you've told yourself that for the fortieth time you know you've got a problem, a problem i'm quite happy to have I may add.

There's currently a variety of lightweight cotton shirts and dresses in gingham or with sweet embroidered detail, bell sleeves, high collars or button down backs. Pieces that can be dressed down on warmer days or layered up as we move into autumn. The collections will continue to exist in-store only for the time being with stock changing and evolving weekly it'd be a big challenge to tackle to get online right now. But, never say never, who knows what the next 12 months will bring, the past year has been testament to that so far. 

Ok, banner requests, i've had a ton of them. Here's the plan, we'll be making a batch of various 'quotes' to sell pre-made in-store and online from late September/early Oct, but for the time being if you've got a request we are producing made to order, your welcome. Just email me at with wording and sizing and I'll see what I can do. 

So I think you should now be fairly up to date on shop stuff, but only for now though of course, we've got an exciting delivery arriving from our lovely friends in Sweden at Fine Little Day next week whilst i'm in Cornwall which Kay has the enviable job of opening. Prints, textiles, and more wonderfulness. Sigh. Oh, there's also an equally exciting homewares delivery sailing it's way from the The Netherlands sometime in September, eek. 

I'll try and make this a bi-monthly thang, it's nice to share the shop and as it changes through the seasons. If you have any questions on the above, Skipton or general shop life bits then leave a comment below, i'm always up for a chat especially when it's about lovely things. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Hattie x