Before the month ends...

Before the month ends and whilst i’ve finally got some time to reflect on the past 12 months of business with Mauds House, I thought it’d write a little something given that I haven’t yet celebrated on the MH Journal the fact that we are now a year old!

So, here we go...

A year a go at the start of June it’d just opened the doors at our first shop location over at High Corn Mill. I was tired, nervous, scared the shop wouldn’t take off. I threw a launch party and all my friends and family turned up, giving me the encouragement I needed for those daunting first days of business. On the Friday I remember the first few customers stepping through the door who’d it’d never seen before travelling over from Leeds and I was completely shocked they’d even heard of the shop, let alone made the effort to come and visit. It was the confidence I needed to keep pushing the brand and spreading the word whilst we were still finding our feet. 

As the months have been and gone, new faces have become familiar.  On rainy days where i’ve been glued to my laptop sorting online orders and then a smiley face appears for a chat, whether it was seeking comfort after Brexit, or a busy day running after the kids, I have always felt so humbled they'd come and chatted with me, gaining new friends in the area, settling me ever more into this rural way of life after years of living in a city. 

Somehow, all this hard work seems to paying off. A passion project has turned into a real business and we were even able to move into a new larger premise after just 7 months of business. Which is where we now with are our feet permanently on the ground. We’ve just launched the women’s clothing section and our local and online trade is ever growing. I’m meeting more and more new faces every week which I hope too may become friends overtime. 

Like any new business, with the highs come the lows. The odd quiet day or that crisis of confidence which strikes you when you least expect it. But what I do know is that it only takes one lovely comment from a happy customer to make all that scariness go away. And if the next year is anything like the first, I can't see us going anywhere anytime soon. 

Thank you for everything. 

Hattie x