Love Conquers All

Picture via Instagram  @meganellaby  

Picture via Instagram @meganellaby 

It’s been a strange week and it’s taken until now to really come to terms with what has happened in Manchester and the effects that has had on our communities. I’ve noticed many businesses, bloggers, writers choosing not to comment on Mondays tragic events and although this is something different for the MH journal I think it’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t speak before the week ended about how we are feeling. 10 years ago that was me sat on those steps of the MEN arena, messing about with my mates and now more than ever we need to all come together, with nothing but love in our hearts to make a change not only as a nation but worldwide wherever these atrocities are happening. 

I apologise if this comes across as a bit of a ramble, but some things need to be said. Love conquers all and fear will never win. 

Hattie x

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