Terrariums and Chats

This afternoon I went up to Kay’s beautiful home in our neighbouring village to catch up, chat through future shop plans I have for a much needed second opinion, drink mint tea and bask in the sunshine. I hadn’t planned to photograph our catch up, but as my camera was at hand I took a couple of impromptu shots as our pleasant afternoon continued. 


Now, I spend a lot of time enjoying the fruits of Kay’s labour in her stunning garden which she designed herself and has flourished over the years as plants have established. As the seasons change there is always something new for her to show me and every time I leave knowing more which then i'm left daydreaming about having my own secret garden, greenhouse and veg patch.

Gardening and a shared interest in plants of all kinds is what has brought our friendship together and i’m so excited for Kay to help educate and demonstrate her in-depth knowledge of all things green with our first terrarium workshop later this week. 

As a former biologist it’s so refreshing to have factual answers when there is so much conflicting information out there on the internet. Kay often covers for me at the shop if I have last minute plans or just need another pair of hands to get something done (god send) and 99.9% of the time I drag her away from the work at hand to ask her how my plants are getting on and what improvements I can make (if she’s not already pointed them out herself - she’s a serious plant care detective). 

I'm so excited to welcome our (sold out) workshop guests later in the week and i'll also be launching more tickets for future dates from next week, so watch this space!

Hattie x