Minimalism - Part 1

It’s not that long ago that my interpretation of minimalism constituted clinical-white walls and indefinable ornaments, some sort of clichéd rulebook for ‘style’ that Kevin McCloud could speak in French about, halfway between the Tate Modern and my dentist’s surgery.

Anyway I think you catch my drift and I’d hazard a guess that I’m not alone. But - that’s so far off the current thinking of minimalism it’s untrue. I’m sure some of you are privy to, if not following the current trend in streamlining your life, it walks hand in hand with the Scandinavian ‘Hygge’ lifestyle ethos that’s taking the world by storm. A very gentle and comforting storm I might add.

The guys at Kinfolk knocked it out of the park with this stunning set of 'Hygge' inspired notecards, exploring the aforementioned concept that seeks to create a sense of belonging and comfort in the everyday. I plan to write about 'Hygge' separately, so I shan't digress too far, be sure to check these out though. Available online or in store.

Hattie and I were talking the other day about how great it is that the consumer is becoming more aware, we are more informed than ever before, people want quality over quantity which works in Maud’s favour as quality forms the bedrock of our ethos, however we feel Minimalism is being slightly misrepresented in the media and certainly in the lifestyle blogosphere.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to outline my understanding of Minimalism as a lifestyle choice as opposed to an aesthetic, where I first heard of it, how it has positively impacted my life and what changes - however modest - I have made because of it.

Sound good? I hope so! Tune in soon for the next instalment folks.