Inspiration Board - April 2017

Pictures via  Pinterest

Pictures via Pinterest

Colour was something it'd almost become averted to over the past few months, but like anything i've come back round to the idea, and some indigo/nudey/burnt orange/peach flashes here and there alongside some traditional African mudcloth fabrics would really lift the atmosphere ready for summer. The introduction of our handmade moccasin slippers and semi-antique kilim cushions have already jollied the mood and brought in a new textural element to our muted Scandi soft furnishings and home accessories which i'm really loving! 

Pictures via  Instagram  and  Pinterest  

Pictures via Instagram and Pinterest 

I've taken some inspiration from a test colour palette for an illustration i'm working on atm (see above). There's something really earthy and tribal about mixing bold saturated oranges with watered down moss green and blue/greys. 

Hattie x

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