Sunday Brunch

Probably my favourite morning of the week, its when I like to get my pinny on and treat us to a reet nice cooked brekky. Plus, now that the weathers picking up we can all feel a little bit more continental and dine al fresco. Always a treat.

We (not so) recently moved house and were gifted some crockery to tie us over, so we’re in need of a kitchen-orientated update really. This mug from House Doctor is typical of the rustic, Scandi influenced style that I’m looking to invest in - tactile, stylish and robust.

They have a softer palette than that of plain white porcelain too, a great way of adding a splash of colour to your kitchen. Like this matching mugplate and teapot from the Netherlands, try get in to the shop and have a look for yourself as the textures are amazing as well as the aesthetic.

I’m a bit of a coffee head and like to alternate my home blend. I'm drinking North Star ‘Dark Arches’ blend at the moment. North Star are based in Leeds, they are brewed at a host of reputable coffee shops over the country and are just a fantastic local company with a great ethic and super product. I insist you go check them out right away, you can buy online or have a butchers at their site for their list of stockists.

Right, I’m off. Fully-grown men in vibrant lycra demand the undivided attention of me and my friends. Happy Sunday guys, enjoy any cycling based shenanigans you get up to!