Tour de Yorkshire - April 30th

Tomorrow (Sunday April 30th) Skipton will see the Tour de Yorkshire 2017 zoom through town via Skipton High Street! An event which is close to the heart of the Skipton community and will attract cyclists and tourists from afar to cheer on Stage 3 of the tour. 

Kay will be in store 12-4pm to welcome new and local custom to check out what treasures we have in store this spring. For the cycling fanatics who'll be knocking around we've got the perfect book for you - Mindful Thoughts for Cyclists £5.99

Mindfulness is more than a set of exercises; it’s living consciously by being mindful of the moment. And sometimes that doesn’t mean being still, but being on the move. From the pleasure of riding down a hill to finding the upsides of a puncture, Mindful Thought for Cyclists shows how cycling can be an enriching source of joy and wonder; Mindful Thoughts for Walkers explores how walking of any kind, from a gentle stroll to a lengthy hike, is an opportunity to deepen our physical and spiritual awareness.

I hope you all have a beaut bank holiday weekend! 

Hattie x