Monday Musings #1

Monday's are my day off, a day to gather my thoughts for the week, a day to catch up on all the mundane or an opportunity to get out somewhere. This is a start of a series of Monday musings and today i'm kicking things off nice and favourite way to spend time away from the shop. 

This morning I took Lily out for a walk around the village we live in, then managed to get to our art supply shop in Skipton to pick up a new sketch book, came home and edited some photographs from last week and now made a nest for myself in the living room watching reruns of Girls so I don't have to concentrate on the tv. Candles are lit and i've been collecting some images from online to inspire some drawings i'm doing this evening. 

This weekend we'll be in Edinburgh, any recommendations for a first time visitor to the city? (Gareth is holding the fort for me in store so we'll be open Saturday 10-5pm / Sunday 12-4pm). 

Hattie x