NEW IN: MOA Skincare

Nothing does it for us more than a beautifully packaged product (plus i'm a sucker for cruelty free skincare), so when the Magic Organic Apothecary skincare collection arrived in store this week we were having some serious heart palpitations!  

MOA create natural skin care products, made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore and with a sprinkling of magic! Their hero herb yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) is shrouded by takes of folklore and can be found beside hedgerows all across the UK. 

The miraculous healing powers of this humble ancient herb have been used for centuries to heal and repair. MOA's organic yarrow found in all their magical products is grown in Somerset, where they sow the tiny seeds by hand and harvest its leaves and flowers each year. 

We have a select of products for  you to try...

The Green Balm (£12.50)

100% natural multi-purpose healing balm, some may say it's a miracle! The perfect pot to have with you in case of any little crisis. I've been using on my chapped lips as well as calming dry skin on my hands and of course as a deep cleaning cleansing balm too! A seriously effective all rounder. 

Aphrodite Facial Oil (£20)

A magical blend for radiant skin; this easily absorbed facial oil helps to smooth fine lines and award off premature ageing (laters wrinkles) with its nourishing rosehip oil base. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A, C and essential fatty acids, its natural skin regenerative properties have been revered in folklore over many centuries. Enriched with Damask rose, rose geranium and yarrow essential oils, especially helpful for dry senstive skin types prone ti redness and blemishes. Finally marshmallow extract to gently sooth the skin. I apply mine after my face is cleansed as an overnight oil, leaving my skin soft and plump in the morning. 

Daily Cleansing Ritual (£17.50)

Give your skin a balancing deep cleanse and remove excess oil and impurities. This is one of my personal favourites from the collection, I love to run a hot bath, rub the Green Balm all over my face, let it sink it for a couple of minutes with the steam of the bath and then remove all the daily grind off my face with the luxurious super-soft bamboo face cloth (one of the most eco materials on the planet). It leaves my skin feeling lit from within.

Fortifying Green Bath Potion (Shots £3.50)

Whilst i'm in the tub I've been using the MOA bath potion which relieves aches and pains whilst de-stressing the mind after a long day on my feet. A therapeutic, invigorating herbal blend with relaxing and refreshing peppermint, decongesting, detoxifying fennel, cleansing fir need and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and help tone the skin. Finally organic yarrow extract for it's calming properties.

Try for yourself, all products are now available in store at our Skipton shop and right here online!

Hattie x