Calathea (Prayer Plant)

Calathea (Prayer Plant)

We're true believers in bringing life to your home or work space with indoor plants. Our shop seems to be the perfect condition for indoor plants to flourish as natural light floods through the shop all day but isn't direct giving them the right amount of exposure, plus the temperature is just right. So far our green babes are absolutely loving it here, both our Monstera and Calathea have grown so much in just a month! 

Monstera Deliciosa   (Cheese Plant)

Monstera Deliciosa (Cheese Plant)

A book available in store at the moment which celebrates plant lovers and their indoor green spaces is Greenterior (£38) written by Kiggen, Bart, Magali & Elali. This beautifully produced cloth bound book showcases interiors from twenty creatives from Antwerp to New York, who all have one thing in common - a passion for plants. The residents discuss their love for plants, flowers and greenery which is accompanied by stunning photography. 

You can also pick up one of these ceramic semi glazed planters with a sweet succulent for £7.50 (right now the plants are only available in store because we don't want any delivery casualties - but i'm looking into secure packaging for the future). A great start to your home collection of plants.

Hattie x